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The "Newest Profiles" option is provide tosee the newest profiles first regardless of whether the profile is of a full member or free member. Normally the profiles of full members are listed before the profiles of free members.

If you are a full member then this provides an easy way for you to find the newest members that meet what you are looking for and are compatiblebecause you meet what they are looking for.


The "Browse Profiles" and "Search Profiles" options give you a convenient way to find profiles that meet your criteria. The "Browse Profiles" option provides the most commonly used criteria on a small easy to use page. The "Search Profiles" option gives a lot more search criteria to allow precise searching of just the kind of person you want. Both options allow you to save your search setting so that you do not have to reenter them again next time.

The results are sorted with the most recently placed profiles first but the full members are listed before the free members.

If you are searching for your own profile, but don't find it, be sure that you have set the search criteria correctly. Even if one does not fit your profile, it will eliminate your profile from the results.

See also Raise status of Profile


When you are viewing someone's profile you can choose to add that profile to one of your bookmark folders for later reference. There are 5 folders to choose from:

Privileged - Members in this folder will have the privilege of viewing the photo in your profile (if you added one) when others cannot. This provides an easy way for you to include a photo in your profile but share it with only those people you've placed in this folder (others will not see the photo).

Interested - You have found these members to be interesting. This provides an easy way for you to go back to the profiles of interest to you.

Marked - You have marked these members as possible matches to review again later.

Not Interested - You do not have mutual interest with these members. This helps you avoid writing again to someone who is not interested.

Blocked - Members in this folder cannot write to you from your profile page. This helps you block out someone who can't take no for an answer. If you have already given them your direct contact information (or given it in your profile), we can't block them from contacting you.

To move a profile from one folder to another, just go to the profile you want to move and use the drop down list near the bottom of the profile toselect the folder and then click on the "Move" button.


When you know the username of the member you are looking for, you can quickly jump right to their profile page using the "Username Find" search box on your account page. Just enter the username in the search box and click the "Find" button. You will be taken directly to that members profile page.

If you don't remember the complete username you can enter * for the part you don't remember. For example if you know the username started with tom, you can enter tom* and a list of all members with usernames starting with tom will be displayed. Note that if the member has chosen their profile to be hidden it will not appear in the result list. You would only be able to go to it by knowing the complete username.



The "Full Membership" option appears if you are still a free member or if your membership has expired. If you are already a full member then you will see a "Membership Status" option instead.

If you are a free member select the "Full Membership" option to upgrade to a full member. Getting a full membership gives you many benefits and advantages so we strongly recommend it if you are serious about finding a match.

If you already have a full membership select the "Membership Status" option to see how much time is left on your membership. When your membership gets close to expiring, you will be given the option to renew the membership.



The "Change Email" option allows you to update your email address if it changes. It also allows you to enter a secondary email address.

The email address that you provide is used to forward any reponses received from your profile. The responses will be forward to the secondary email address too if you provide one.

It is very important that you make sure your email address is correctly entered. If the email we try to forward to you bounces back, we will mark your email address as not working and other members will not be able to contact you. A message will be posted on your account page about the email address not working. You would see this message the next time you login to your account and should use the "Change Email" option to correct it immediately.

You can use the Email Check option to make sure your email address is working.


The "Change Contact" option allows you to change the Contact detais of your profile and phone number.

eMail Check

As soon as you register your ID and password along with your profile, machine generated message will be e-mailed to you to check the correctness and see if the the eMail address (ex.: you@yahoo.com) you have mentioned in the profile, is being executed or not.


If you are going on vacation or have begun serious correspondence with someone, you can use the "Freeze Account" option to freeze your account and preserve the full membership time left on the account.

You can only freeze the account if you have a full membership. The account can be frozen a max of 3 times and you can freeze the account for a period of 6 months each time. Any account that is left frozen after 6 months is considered to have been abandoned and is deleted.

My Profile


To view how your profile appears to others just select the "View Profile" option from your account page. You will be shown the headline of your profile (as it appears in search results) and also a count of the total number of times it has been viewed. Click on the headline to view the complete profile as you have entered it. Keep in mind however that if you are not yet a full member the description part of the profile will only be shown to others who are full members. Others who are free members will not see the description part of your profile. If you are a full member then everyone will see your complete profile including the description.

When others view your profile they are given options near the bottom of the profile page to contact you. These options are not shown when you view your own profile.


At anytime you can make changes or corrections to your profile by selecting the "Edit Profile" option from your account page. You will be given a form with the values preset as they are in your current profile. Make any changes or corrections and submit the form. The changes will take effect immediately.

When making changes to the profile please be sure that your profile does not contain direct contact information. This is for your own safety and privacy. Other members will be able to contact you from the options given on your profile page. Putting contact information in the profile does not help since the members who can read it can already write to you using the options given on your profile page. If you give direct contact information in your profile you will not be able to block someone who can't take no for an answer from writing to you later.


It is very easy to add a photo to your profile and we strongly recommend it to all members since it will attract more people to your profile and thus more responses. Even if you are a free member you can include a photo in your profile. Also you can limit the photo so that only members in your "Privileged" folder can see it (in case you are not comfortable with everyone seeing your photo). Since, there is no charge for including a photo in your profile you have no reason not to. So go ahead and do it.

To add a photo to your profile just select the "Photo in Profile" option from your account page. In the form you can either give the complete URL of the photo if it is already available on the Web or you can directly upload the photo if it is on your local computer.

Please make sure that the file size of your photo is less than 50K and that it is in JPEG format (with a .jpg extension). If you need help with converting the format of the image or editing it, click here.

Once you've provided a photo, you can control if it will appear in your profile or not and also if it will appear only to members in your "Privileged" folder.


The "Profile is" option on your account page lets you control whether your profile is searchable or not. When you first create your account your profile is automatically searchable. If you are just looking and don't want people to find you, use the "Profile is" option and choose to hide your profile from searching.

But keep in mind that anyone you contact will know about you and will be able to see your profile even if your profile is not searchable. They can go directly to your profile using the Find Username search box. It is only fair that someone you contact should be able to see the same profile information about you as you saw of them.

If you or the other person is a full member you will be able to see the complete profile information of one another including the description. If both of you are free members then you only see the factual part of the profile (like age, gender, height, etc.) and not the description.


The "Edit Requirements" option allows you to define what you are looking for in an ideal match. But, becareful not to set too many requirements, otherwise you won't find anyone.

When you use the Suggested Profiles or Newest Profiles option, the requirements you've set are used as your search criteria to find matching members. Thus, the members you find through these options are possibly good candidates because their profile satisfies your requirements and your profile satisfies their requirements.